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Addressing Market Needs

  • Gamers

    Short-lived career-low salary for pro-gamers. It's hard to find teams. Fewer channels for gamers to monetize and except for streaming platforms. After a gaming career retirement, hard to find jobs in the same industry.

  • Teams

    It's hard to recruit players and coaches. No nationwide and global ranking. Lack of revenue other than streaming and winning tournaments, hard to find sponsors. Delays and lack of transparency in winning prizes from tournaments.

  • Organizers

    It's hard to find players, teams, and spectators to sign up/buy tickets to their tournaments. Need better ways to fund tournaments and pay players. It's hard to find sponsors and connect with the brands. No platform to monetize, and sell their merchandise.

  • Brands

    Need an easy way to sponsor events that is engaging and has a quantifiable ROI. It's hard to find the right influencers, gamers, teams and tournaments for brands to sponsor. Not able to track core audience trends and market shifts.

Our Solution


  • Teams: You can search for teams who are recruiting and apply to join with 12 advanced filters it helps you to give the right result of teams that will be suitable for you.
  • Players: If you are a team and looking for top players, you can discover free agents along with their stats to help you decide easily.
  • Coaches: Find the best coaches according to your needs, schedule sessions and compete in tournaments.
  • Arenas: Looking for gaming arenas and bootcamps nearby, go hyperlocal in search and book seats directly from the platform.


Multiplayr’s Tournament feature not only showcases the tournaments that are there on the platform but of all over the globe. Register directly and find all necessary information for the tournaments or find where to book the tickets for other tournaments which are not present on our platform.

Multiplayr will track and publicize global statistics for tournaments (in and outside of the platform), including the number of tournaments played, rankings of players by tournaments won, rankings of teams based on player win-loss ratios, tournaments entered, most winnings, among others. The majority of these statistics being tracked will be recorded on the blockchain.


Multiplayr ranks teams according to their performances in pro-tournaments, semi-pro and college tournaments. It also showcases the team’s win rate and their form last 5 matches along with their winning amount.


Jupiter will be a decentralized metaverse made of the size of the planet Jupiter. It will give the audience access to live events, tournaments, and real estate with renting options inside the metaverse. Also, providing full support to game developers who can develop their own games and promote them. You can actually make use of wearable NFTs and walk around in the environment and interact with each other.

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